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October 22, 2017

Apple discontinued the 256GB Apple iPhone 7 in a bid to spur iPhone 8 sales

On September 12th, the day that the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone X were unveiled, the tech titan stopped offering the 256GB Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This comes from a report published today that cites an Apple customer service rep who confirmed the story. Actually, a trip to Apple’s online store shows that the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus are both now available

October 22, 2017

New video of a silver iPhone X in the wild surfaces online

We’re finally getting close, folks. Pre-orders for Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone X will finally open up this coming Friday, with deliveries slated to begin just one week later on November 3. With the iPhone X release now less than two weeks away, we’re starting to see more photos and videos of Apple’s flagship device out in the wild. Most recently, a 10-second video uploaded to Reddit over the weekend shows off a silver iPhone X

October 22, 2017

NASA decides to hang out at dwarf planet Ceres just a little while longer

With its hardware already right where it needs to be, NASA has decided it wants to extend its Dawn mission, which will bring its spacecraft extremely close to the surface of one of the most interesting objects in our Solar System that isn’t a planet. NASA has so many spacecraft making groundbreaking discoveries around the solar system that it can actually be hard to keep track of them all, so you’d be forgiven if the

October 22, 2017

Smartphone related distracted driving deaths are being under-reported?

With 80% of the American public using their smartphones to read news, follow social media, and share pictures, a problem occurs when those driving a motor vehicle feel compelled to use their handset to stay in touch even while driving. According to the latest statistics, U.S. traffic fatalities rose 14.4% over the last two years after years of declining deaths. The blame is being placed on smartphones. From 2014 to 2016, the share of Americans

October 22, 2017

This is the MacBook and iPhone power pack I’ve been looking for

I seldom run out of iPhone battery because I almost always have an external battery that I use to recharge it. Working at a desk surrounded by power outlets also helps. But the power pack I’ve been using doesn’t work with my older MacBook, and there are times when I wish it did. An energy storage company called Romeo Power Technology, founded by former SpaceX, Tesla, Samsung, Apple, and Amazon engineers and designers just created

October 22, 2017

In 2018, Billboard’s charts will give more weight to streamers like Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon

Subscription music streaming services are extremely popular. Consider that between its paid tier and ad-supported tier, Spotify has more than 140 million users. Apple Music has 30 million subscribers. Those are only two of the many popular streaming options for consumers. Such a large number of users could change where a particular song shows up on important industry charts produced by Billboard. Currently, the publication divides streaming services into two categories for the Billboard Hot

October 22, 2017

NeoGAF Offline Amidst Allegations of Sexual Assault by Owner

Popular video game forum NeoGAF is now offline. This comes amidst allegations of sexual assault by its owner Tyler “Evilore” Malka. NeoGAF’s moderators have resigned en-masse and a host of members have left the site.

October 20, 2017

Google Now Lets You Take a Virtual Walk on Mars

The experience was adapted from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s OnSight software, which assists scientists in planning rover drives.

October 20, 2017

Facebook Explore Feed Comes to the Desktop

Facebook will introduce Explore Feed for users on the desktop to help them discover stories beyond the friends and pages they already follow.