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August 31, 2016

Dropbox didn’t tell anyone about a giant hack for four years

Image Source: Olinda Services We get it, companies get hacked all the time. And they’re not too eager to share details about data breaches, but they ultimately have to release details about it so that affected users can protect themselves. At least, they should disclose details. But Dropbox failed to do so, hiding for no less than four years the magnitude of a data breach that may have affected up to 68 million accounts. DON’T MISS:

August 31, 2016

This video accurately explains why self-driving cars will be so awesome

Image Source: CGP Grey I am evangelical about the benefits of self-driving cars, so much so that my friends will clear the room the second they hear the word LIDAR. But in my defense, self-driving cars are going to be the biggest technological innovation of this decade. Don’t believe me? Just watch this. YouTube star CGP Grey does an excellent job of explaining why humans inherently suck at driving, and why self-driving cars can do

August 31, 2016

Asus ZenWatch 3 hands-on: a thing of beauty

Whether you’re a fan of smartwatches or not, chances are you’ll agree with us on this – the Asus ZenWatch 3 is a thing of beauty. In case you’ve missed the news, that is the company’s latest smartwatch. It is powered by a Qualcomm processor and it runs on Google’s Android Wear platform, just like the previous two ZenWatch timepieces. Unlike them, however, the new model features a gorgeous circular display, and that’s far from the

August 31, 2016

New HTC phone coming September 20, could be the Desire 10 Pro

HTC will officially introduce at least one brand new smartphone on September 20. The company today posted a teaser video that briefly shows a previously unannounced handset, urging us to “be edgier.” The device that appears in the teaser video (embedded below) certainly resembles the HTC Desire 10 Pro, a smartphone that we saw earlier this month in a couple of unofficial renders. According to recent rumors, the Desire 10 Pro sports a 5.1-inch display

August 31, 2016

Hedge fund honcho says Apple’s best days are behind it

While nearly 85% of Wall Street analysts remain bullish on Apple, one major hedge fund operator says that the tech giant’s best days are behind it. Leon Cooperman, Chairman & CEO of Omega Partners, told a nationwide cable audience watching CNBC this morning that Apple will not find a new product to replace the slumping iPhone. As a result, he sees Apple becoming a smaller company in three or four years. Cooperman says that while

August 31, 2016

Here’s how you can join the iPhone ‘touch disease’ class action lawsuit against Apple

Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGR Another iPhone generation, another widespread issue affecting hundreds—or thousands—of iPhone owners. This time the issue has an especially sinister name: touch disease. This ‘disease’ has cropped up on an alarming number of devices over the past few weeks, and in response, McCuneWright, a California law firm filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, requesting the company fix the affected devices. DON’T MISS: The latest evidence of a 256GB iPhone 7 comes directly

August 31, 2016

The cheaper Moto Z Play promises to keep playing for longer

Lenovo has announced a Play variant for its Moto Z handset, which promises the largest battery the company has ever placed inside a phone. The modular Moto Z Play features a 3510mAh battery offering up to 50-hours of battery life, which is significantly larger than the Moto Z’s 2600mAh cell. There are some compromises though. The Moto Z Play features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor rather than the 820 in the original.. There’s also a

Has the iPhone 7 Plus finally broken cover on video? Sure looks that way
August 31, 2016

Has the iPhone 7 Plus finally broken cover on video? Sure looks that way

Less than a week before Apple unleashes the 2016 iPhones, the larger iPhone 7 Plus seems to have made a brief video appearance. Sonny Dickson, who has previous in this department, posted a clip to Twitter, seemingly showing a trio of working models running iOS 10. How do we know they’re iPhone 7 handsets? Well at the end of the video one is flipped over showing the rumored dual camera lens and redesigned antenna lines.

August 31, 2016

Has the mystery of the iPhone 7 EarPods headphones finally been solved?

The 3.5mm headphone port-less iPhone 7 will ship with Lightning EarPods and a Lightning to headphone jack adapter, according to reports on Wednesday. Two photos emerged from different sources on Wednesday that are alleged to be labels from the iPhone 7’s retail box. The two instances, one in English and one in Chinese (via Techtastic.nl), could reveal the packaging will include Lightning EarPods and an adapter to be used when connecting the buds to other

August 31, 2016

Moto Z Play Smartphone, Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod Launched at IFA 2016

Moto Z Play with the new Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod. Lenovo-owned Motorola has announced the Moto Z Play smartphone, a $499 (approximately Rs. 33,500) smartphone that’s a more affordable variant of the Moto Z) smartphone that was announced in June this year. The Moto Z and the Moto Z Play come with Moto Mods, a modular system that lets users extend the functionality of the smartphone. Alongside the Moto Z Play, Motorola also unveiled