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October 1, 2016

Best metal cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Do you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and you want to pair it with a protective case that’s not like most of the cases out there? Why not try a metal case then?  Admittedly, protective cases made out of metal – even partially – aren’t that easy to find as cases made out of polycarbonate, silicone, or TPU. Still, we did manage to catch sight of some mighty fine metal cases that

October 1, 2016

New Moto Mods video shows you how fast you can add accessories to your Moto Z handset

Motorola and Lenovo earn some extra brownie points this year for doing modular better than LG. Motorola took the worst part of the LG G5’s modular system, applying the accessory, and made it a snap thanks to the use of magnets. Faster than you can say Moto Mods, you can have your Motorola Moto Z  Droid, Motorola Moto Z Force Droid or Motorola Moto Z Play Droid taking spectacular photos with the Hasselblad True Zoom

October 1, 2016

Facebook copies Snapchat Stories with Messenger Day

Facebook is in the process of testing a new feature that is similar to Snapchat’s Stories. Messenger Day, found inside Facebook’s Messenger app, is currently being tested in Poland only. It allows a Facebook user to share a page full of pictures and videos that make up a day in the user’s life, with friends. After 24 hours, the page disappears. These pages can be decorated very much like Snapchat Stories with stickers, filters, messages

October 1, 2016

Apple’s new HQ is looking more like a spaceship every day

Apple is in the final stages of constructing a mammoth new campus in California to house the bulk of its workers. It’s been lovingly called the “Spaceship” for years, and the latest drone flyover of the site shows you why. As per usual, two drone pilots have been conducting flyovers of the facility using DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 4 quadcopters. They show an outer building that’s mostly done, with details like landscaping and solar panels

October 1, 2016

Use this brilliant online tool to find Pokemon Go nests in your neighborhood

If you’ve been an avid Pokemon Go fan since the game launched back in July, you’ve probably read about nests. A nest is a set location on the planet where a certain type of Pokemon (as well as its evolutions) spawns. For example, if you see multiple Bulbasaurs spawn in the same area over the course of a few minutes, you’ve likely stumbled upon a Bulbasaur nest. (Lucky you!) (more…) Trending right now: Yup, now the iPhone 7 is

September 30, 2016

Lock in lifetime access of complete cloud storage for under $40 with Zoolz

Your devices hold emails, photos, videos, music and all sorts of other data, but the Cloud was created to store that extra data you’re not immediately using. Still, even real estate in the Cloud is limited, and often expensive. That’s why this deal will blow your mind. Sign up for Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage and you’ll get 500 GB of instantly accessible storage, and 500 GB of Cold Storage for the files you won’t need

September 30, 2016

Watch an Angry Customer Smash iPhones and MacBook at an Apple Store

A man in France takes a metal ball and smashes tens of iPhones and Mac products allegedly in protest of Apple not honoring the European Union’s 2 year warranty policy.

September 30, 2016

Amazon Great Indian Sale: The Best Deals to Watch Out For

Just like Snapdeal and Flipkart, Amazon is also expected to offer heavy discounts on smartphones, wearables, tablets, and other electronics.

September 30, 2016

Bigger Discounts During Festive Sale on the Amazon App

Amazon app download link for Android and iOS during the Great Indian Sale 2016.